An experienced financial advisor based in New Jersey, Frank Cardia possesses in-depth knowledge of private equity, bonds, stocks, and fixed-income investments. In 2018, Frank Cardia joined the financial services company Iron Edge VC Fund as the managing director.

The mission of the Iron Edge VC Fund is to provide its members with access to a range of investment opportunities at pre-IPO companies. The idea behind the fund’s strategy is to open up alternative investment opportunities that had previously only been available to large private or institutional investors.

Traditionally, pre-IPO investment has called for fulfilling minimum investment requirements that only a…

Financial advisor Frank Cardia holds a FINRA Series 65 license and has worked in the financial services industry since 1996. The managing director of Iron Edge VC, Frank Cardia secures late-stage venture capital investments for private companies before they have their initial public offering (IPO).

There are a number of ways for a company to go public. The first is through a conventional IPO. Here, a private company selects an underwriter (usually an investment bank like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley), and then drafts and files requisite documentation with the SEC. This underwriter helps the company create new shares for…

Frank Cardia guides Iron Edge VC as managing director and provides pre-IPO investment services focused on companies poised for growth. One strategy Frank Cardia offers is the special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), which is set up as a “blank check” company. It enables the raising of funds toward leveraged buyouts, prior to the target acquisition being determined.

With SPAC investment funds held within an FDIC-insured, interest bearing escrow account until the account reaches an appropriate level, a privately held target is ultimately identified by the SPAC team. …

A licensed financial advisor, Frank Cardia is the founder of Blue Sky Financial and the managing director of the Iron Edge VC Fund. A private equity venture, Frank Cardia’s firm introduces investors to late-stage, pre-IPO opportunities before companies go public.

One privately held company that Iron Edge VC currently offers access to is Palantir, which was established in 2003 due to PayPal’s urgent need to eliminate credit card fraud. Co-founder Peter Thiel developed proprietary loss-prevention pattern detection algorithms, and these were applied by Palantir in the government and defense arenas to preserve civil liberties while reducing the risk of terrorism.

Financial advisor Frank Cardia has been in the financial industry since 1996.

As the founder of Blue Sky Financial, Frank Cardia is heavily involved in venture capital funding and has facilitated over $100 million in funding for late stage pre-IPO companies like Pinterest.

Late-stage investing has grown in significance and relevance over the last decade. One of the reasons is that following the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium, companies now take longer to list on the public exchanges. …

Frank Cardia

The owner of Blue Sky Financial, Frank Cardia is a licensed financial advisor who operates a Registered Investment Advisor business.

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